Our Mission

Eastside Little Learners offers a safe and loving environment where children can grow up happy and healthy.

We inspire children to be passionate, lifelong learners. Our unique Chinese immersion program helps children learn Chinese and English; and develop cross-cultural knowledge and awareness at an early age.

More about us

"Great location"

Our campus is located near the Microsoft main campus. We offer programs for young toddlers, toddlers, and preschool/pre-k children. Children at Eastside Little Learners are enriched with a variety of age-appropriate classes and activities to develop their social, physical, communication, and intellectual skills.

Daily E-Report

We provide daily e-reports for nap times and potty/diaper (BM) times. E-reports also provide details about your child's lessons and meal of the day. Sometimes, e-reports will include pictures (pictures showing the menu of the day are often shown too). E-reports are sent out at the end of the day. 

We are a licensed bilingual child care center in Redmond, Washington.

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"Delicious & Healthy" 

Every day, children are given hot lunches. Our lunches are fresh with often organic ingredients; and lots of fruits and vegetables.

We participate in the FDA and USDA Daycare Nutrition Program. The menus, meals, and snacks that we serve are advised and inspected by the State agents regularly.
Click here to see sample pictures of our meals.