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Ms. Julie 董老师, Owner & Director

Ms. Julie is the founder of Eastside Little Learners (ELL). She is an Early Childhood professional with a Teacher Certificate.  Ms. Julie formerly taught in the Bellevue School District.  She has over 20 years of teaching experience with students ranging from K to 12th grade.

Ms. Clara 吴老师, Director

She has been with ELL since 2010.  She studied Business and Early Childhood Education/Managing. Ms. Clara is a dedicated teacher. She prepares lessons and manages all programs.

Ms. Lan 兰姨, Supervisor

She has been with ELL since 2009.  Ms. Lan is a loving mom with two grown-up children.  She is a dedicated caregiver and prepares delicious food for ELL.  Ms. Lan supervises and manages the toddler program. 

Ms. Tam, Science & English Teacher

She graduated from Washington State University (WSU) with a Nutrition and Exercise Physiology degree. She professionally worked for WSU Children’s Center and Disney World’s Resort.

Ms. Vivian 杨老师, Toddler Teacher

She graduated from WSU with an Early Childhood Education and Accounting degree. She was a teacher’s assistant at Tzu Chi Chinese School and interned at Montessori School in Pullman.

Ms. Qin 覃老师, Toddler Teacher

She graduated with an Early Childhood Education and Accounting degree in Guangzhou, China. She has experience in working at a childcare center.

Ms. Zou 邹老师, Preschool & Pre-K Chinese and Dance Teacher

She has a master’s degree. Ms. Zou is an experienced Chinese and Dance teacher. She also teaches at Northwest Chinese School.

Ms. Fang, Preschool & Pre-K Art Teacher

She has a master’s degree. Ms. Fang was the LWSD PTSA Council Reflections Co-Chair who organized/judged annual art competitions. She was an Art and Education coordinator for Ben Rush Elementary.

Ms. Li, Pre-K Summer Chinese Teacher

She is from Beijing. She has over 40 years of teaching experience in China and the U.S.

Uncle Jon, Our Handyman

Uncle Jon is Ms. Julie’s husband. You will see him around the campus fixing things. The kids love being around him. 


"When my daughter was about to start daycare at 14-month-old, I was so worried about how she would adapt to the new environment and how her day would be in the daycare without parents. Eastside Little Learners makes the transition so easy and almost tear-free. :) Knowing that my daughter would spend her day with loving, caring and experienced care-givers and teachers really gives us a peace of mind at work. After one and half years at Eastside Little Learners, my daughter thrived and learned a lot in all aspects. We are so happy and highly recommended this daycare to friends and other parents." -- Audrey's Mom

"Eastside Little Learners is a cozy and pleasant home-based daycare. It provides rich curriculum, as well as taking care of each kid's special needs. The lunch and snacks are healthy and nutritious. Highly recommended, a nice place for little ones. :-)" -- Benjamin's Parents

"The Eastside Little Learners is a great place for children.  The principal has years of education experience.  The school provides variety of programs, such as Social Study, Art, Math, Science, Dance/PE.  It’s also a true bilingual school teaching both English and Chinese.

All teachers are very dedicated and live working with kids.  We are very happy to send our daughter to this school to receive earlier education.  We also love to recommend this place to others who are looking for a great place for their kids." -- Angela's Parents

"Our son has joined Eastside Little Learner when he was one year old. Since then, we have been very satisfied with the experience. All their teachers love children and are very patient with little ones.

The owner and also one of the teachers, Julie, has academic education background and has great insights about how to discover children’s potential and foster their talent. Based on my experience, I can tell she really pays attention to details and is well aware of my son’s temperament and interests, and always thinks around what’s the best way to help him grow based on his own characteristics. They took well care of children’s physical needs as well as emotional needs, all the kids there seem to be happy (but not hyper :)).

Julie also organizes the parents’ gathering once in a while for us to communicate and share experience, which made us feel it is more like a family than a day-care.

The other thing we liked about there is that they have a lot of toys with good variety and a great play ground in the backyard to keep kids entertained.

Overall, we trust Julie and her day-care and would highly recommend it to friends." -- Lucas' Parents

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Eastside Little Learners was founded in 2009.

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